NEW Introductory Computer Classes!

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The Library has a series of new computer classes designed for beginners. We’ve chosen topics in two areas: the stuff you need to know and some extras that make using computers more fun. In the category of the stuff you need to know we have separate classes on e-mail, the Internet, Microsoft Word, and attachments. In the fun category we have classes on how to get free library books on your e-reader (that’s the Overdrive class), Facebook, Microsoft Publisher, and the Library’s electronic databases. You can find the dates and times for all these classes on this website on the “Events” page or you can see the monthly calendar on the “About” page. 

Now, you might ask why I’m highlighting introductory computer classes on a BLOG for which you need a COMPUTER to read. The answer is: you are probably driving your kids and grandkids crazy because you won’t get on board! Don’t be surprised if they bring you a printout of this so that you will finally get going.