Where does Florida Red Tide occur?

Red tides or Harmful Algal Blooms occur worldwide. K. brevis is found almost exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico but has been found on the east coast of Florida and off the coast of North Carolina.

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1. What is Florida Red Tide?
2. Is Florida Red Tide actually red?
3. Where does Florida Red Tide occur?
4. How long does it last?
5. What causes Florida Red Tide?
6. Can I swim in water affected by Florida Red Tide?
7. What are the symptoms I can get from Florida Red Tide?
8. Are their people who are more sensitive to the toxins?
9. Who do I call if I get sick from Florida Red Tide?
10. Can I eat seafood at restaurants during a Florida Red Tide?
11. Can I eat seafood from recreational harvesting during a Florida Red Tide?
12. Are there web sites for more information about Florida Red Tide?